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Creative workshops

Let a professional facilitator, specialised in design thinking, organise your (online) workshop. Various methodologies are used to stimulate participant’s decision making, thinking outside the box and creative problem solving. The result: renewed insights, lots of new ideas and an energised team that cannot wait to pick up the ideas the next day.


Doing ≠ talking

Workshop, it’s in a name. No more wasting hours by talking but let’s get to work! Various methodologies are used to stimulate participant’s decision making and creative problem solving. 


Every workshop is different and there are many different forms possible; from 2 hours idea generation to weeklong design sprints. A workshop is designed using the most relevant methodologies to address your goals. 

You’re in good hands

You’re hiring a professional facilitator, with years of experience in design thinking and facilitation, both online as on location.

How does it work?



A workshop is tailored to your goals. That can be: generating new ideas, better understanding the problem, creating a future vision, or mapping the customer journey. Furthermore, the workshop setup depends on things like: is it online or on location, the size of the group, the duration etc.

Workshop design

Your workshop is designed by making a selection of the most relevant methodologies that fit your goals. This all happens in consultation with you and takes into account your unique context and that of your team and company.


Workshop, it's in a name. No more wasting hours by talking but let's get to work! Afterwards teams are tired but satisfied. Mission accomplished when the team is eager to take on the ideas the next day.

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A workshop in mind?

A successful workshop we create together. We discuss how a workshop can best address your challenge, your goals and your team. Get in touch or plan an intake session to dive with me into the different possibilities.

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